Swimming Lessons


At Art of Swimming our first priority is the safety of your loved ones. There are approximately 3500 drowning victims per year in the United States. An average of 700 of these children are  under 14 years old.  These tragic and accidental deaths are preventable. Our swimming lessons are focused on first, prevention, by eliminating the fear of the water. This fear can lead to panic, the number one reason for a crisis in the water.  Panicky swimmers are not safe swimmers. In contrast, most instructors teach the skills without addressing this  fear. Because of this, our instructors are specifically taught how to overcome different types of fears in a fun and logical way. One of the things that makes our swimming lessons different is that we teach a swimmer how to turn their fear into fun in all different scenarios and situations. Our swimmers are safer, beause they are relaxed and calm in and around water.  


Then we teach our students the skills necessary to swim effectively using the bouyant force of the water. It is important to learn how the water works, no matter how young or how old.  Our instructors are trained on how do do this, even with very young children. We insist on proper position for all aspects of the strokes. Above all, position in the water is EXTREMELY important!!! It makes all the difference. Without the proper body position, a swimmer will not satisfactorily progress. Our swimming lessons teach the proper position in the water down to the minute details of each stroke. We believe in teaching a perfect technique from the beginning, no matter how young or old the student. It can change a fearful, struggling swimmer into a more confident, graceful swimmer. Our gentle and unique teaching method will produce results often in just one lesson!


 Private lessons and small group lessons are available in your own pool at home  or NYC building. Art of Swimming can help you achieve your swimming goals whether your goal is to be a recreational swimmer, join a swim team, swim for fitness, or swim competitively! During our swimming lessons, you and your family will be treated with respect and care, regardless of age or ability.  The Montessoro Method is unique and represents more than 40 years of success in the Hamptons. Consequently, when registering for our private swim classes, you and your family will be joining a long list of famous and distinguished people who have entrusted Art of Swimming with the privilege of safeguarding and training their infants, toddlers, children, teens, nanny’s, and adults. Welcome to the Art of Swimming family!

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