Our Story

Art of Swimming was founded by Vicki Montessoro in 1981. She would teaching swimming lessons privately during the summer in the Hamptons. What Vicki didn’t know at the time was that her unique ways of teaching would make her a popular and sought after instructor in the Hamptons.  Vicki’s love of swimming and learning gave her a competitive advantage over other individual instructors is the Hamptons at the time. This is because she took her education in teaching and knowledge of swimming to create a brilliant program that teaches students to swim at a faster rate. Over the years, she grew her customer base and developed her method even more creating “The Montessoro Method” of teaching. 

As Vicki continued to grow her small business she began to hire instructors to help her with this growth. The first instructor to teach for Vicki was her daughter Kim, when she was old enough to receiver her Water Safety Instructor certification. For many years it was just Vicki and Kim teaching every summer. It wasn’t until 2015, when Kim joined her mom and took over as manager that the business began to grow tremendously.

Now Art of Swimming employs over 15 swimming instructors and lifeguards covering all the towns in the Hamptons from Manorville to East Hampton. Collectively they teach over 2000 swimming lessons and lifeguard over 50 pool parties and events each summer. 

Our Theory

At Art of Swimming, we believe that swimming should be fun. Our goal is to teach our students how to swim in a safe and fun environment to help them learn as fast as possible. From the very first lesson, our American Red Cross certified instructors start to build trust with their student no matter the age or swim level. We understand the water can be scary for some of our students and we want to ensure that they are comfortable with their instructor from the very beginning.

From there, we begin to teach our lessons in a gentle yet effective way. Unlike other swim schools, here we strive to teach our students safety and how to swim as fast as possible. Over the years we have developed a method of teaching that allows us to speed up the learning process. Using a combination of psychology, non-verbal cues, and tools, we know when a student is ready to move on to the next step or if they still need a little more time. This allows our students to learn to swim faster and achieve their goals in swimming.

Overall we want our students to learn how fun swimming can be. We truly love what we do and when we see our students progress in swimming it just makes us love it even more.

Why We Are Different

We are different because we focus on teaching the muscle memory of each of the strokes. Our method was developed over 40 years and partially based on the educational methods of Maria Montessori. Family legend says that the founder, Vicki, is a distant relative of Maria. Because of this family history, Vicki developed the Montessoro Method which is initially child centered and child directed for our children’s lessons. As the lessons progress, they become more structured and kinesthetic.

We are different because we spend many hours analyzing the strokes of the world’s greatest swimmers to see every little piece of the stroke. After we break it down, we find a way to over-exaggerate certain pieces of the stroke that are key to help an individual improve their strokes quickly. At Art of Swimming, we teach hydrodynamic principles in such a way that anyone can apply them. We teach our students how the water works and how position changes the person’s buoyancy in a way even a two year old can understand. 

We are different because we teach concepts that other programs do not that we have found that are extremely important to learning to swim fast. We have the summer to get our students swimming, no matter how young. We may cost more, but you will save money and peace of mind. Other programs want to keep you coming back by not progressing the student fast. 

We are different because we truly love what we do! We have been doing this many years and it is not just a job. Our families become OUR FAMILIES. We LOVE watching our students succeed and become confident, happy swimmers!

What we do

Art of Swimming offers swimming lessons in the comfort and security of your own home pool! In addition to our swimming lessons, we also offer lifeguards for pool parties, lifeguarding and CPR/AED/First Aid classes, babysitters, tutors, and an array of other services in the Hamptons.

Infant & Child Swimming Lessons

Infant and child swimming lessons are geared toward teaching them as fast as possible for their age and physical ability. Our instructors have more than 100 hours of training beyond the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course.

Parent and Me Swimming Lessons

Parent and me swimming lessons are intended to teach a parent how to work with their child to learn swimming maneuvers. These skills are precursors to proper swimming position as they get older and more adept.  

Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult swimming lessons range from lessons for the aquaphobic adult to a triathlete that may be better at running or biking than swimming. Nannies are often taught to be a better swimmer for the sake of the children they care for.

Lifeguarding for Pool Parties

Art of Swimming offers lifeguards for pool parties, corporate events, or family gatherings. Our lifeguards are covered by liability insurance and are certified by the American Red Cross. 

First Aid Classes

We teach first aid classes with or without CPR/AED. Our instructors will come to your house or business. All completing students will be awarded American Red Cross certificates.

Babysitting Classes

American Red Cross has babysitters courses to certify babysitters in beginning and advanced babysitting. This can be taught in a company, educational, or private setting.

Lifeguarding Classes

We offer lifeguarding classes for groups with a pool access. Students will be awarded either American Red Cross lifeguarding, waterfront lifeguarding, or shallow water lifeguarding upon completion of the course.


We have tutors for all subjects, grades, and ages. We tutor from infant to adults in the Hamptons, NYC, Westchester, Suffolk, and Nassau counties.

Tennis Classes for Adults and Children

Private tennis lessons for adults. Our tennis coach is available to play and/or teach tennis to adults of all ages and abilities.

CPR/AED Classes

Art of Swimming is available to teach CPR/AED classes for private groups, corporations, health professonals, gyms, healthclubs, nursing providers,etc. We teach adult, child, and infant CPR/AED. 


Babysitters Available

Our babysitters are available short term in the Hamptons year round. They are certified by the american Red Cross in CPR/AED and first aid.

Jr Lifeguarding Classes for 11-14 year olds

Jr. Lifeguarding by the American Red Cross is similar to regular Lifeguarding. The students will be taught rescue techniques that are also found in the Lifeguarding course.

Providing safety and quality swimming lessons for the next generation in the hamptons. 

Exceptional quality swimming lessons for over 40 years!

Safe Pool Parties per Summer

Years in The Business

Happy, Safe, Swimming Families per summer

Lessons per summer

From Our Clients

These are testimonials that we have received from our clients over the years.

“After one lesson I can see why people say that Vicki is a legend in the Hamptons. It was truly amazing to watch.”

Jennifer Goldstein

mom, Upper East Side, NY

“I have had several Art of Swimming instructors over the years with different children. They are each well trained, full of energy, and all have the same technique so there is consistancy. Even if an instructor is out sick, another can come and still make great progress.”

Andre Nakita

Sag Harbor, NY

“Art of Swimming is BY FAR the exceptional choice in swimming lessons. There is no comparison between them and the average swimming instructor. The results way exceeds the time it took for my other children to learn in the city with traditional methods.”

Stephanie Feingold

Watermill, NY

“My son was so afraid of the water. He was terrified of other instructors. Jocelyn came and he loved her jokes, toys, and games. She won him over quickly and the learning progressed  from there.”

Sarah Stone

parent, Soho, NY

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