How long does it take to get a child to swim?

This really depends on the age of the child and the comfort level of the child in the water. Each child is different and progresses at a different rate. Coordination develops differently than intelligence. Your child may be extremely bright, but may not progress as quickly as his/her friend due to physical developmental differences or fear. If a child is at least four, we are able to get a frightened child to swim around the pool with no particular form in about 4 1/2-6 hours. In about eight hours we can develop a crawl stroke with modified breathing, in a proper horizontal position. In that same amount of time, the child will also be able to swim a basic back crawl and float on their back and be comfortable while doing so. A good number of our three-year-olds are able to swim a crawl stroke with modified breathing across the width of their pool by the end of the summer.  An average 2 to 2 1/2-year-old will be able to swim halfway across the pool to all the way across the pool with/without taking a breath by the end of the summer if they have lessons 2 to 3 times per week. The three main things that can hold up these time frames are; a child’s complete refusal to attempt to put their face in the water, if they cannot understand not to breathe through their nose, or if they refuse to wear goggles and refuse to put their face in.

What do you do if there is bad weather?

Please see our weather policy page.

Can a friend join in the lessons?

Absolutely! There is an additional charge of $15 per additional student. With a maximum 3 students ina lesson

How do I schedule lessons?

Please give us a call or text at (631) 839-7946 to schedule lessons. Don’t forget to check out of scheduling page!

Can I choose the instructor I want?

You may put in a request for a specific instructor but she/he may not be guaranteed to be available. Lessons are scheduled with Instructors based on your location and the instructor’s availability. Some instructors fill their schedules quicker than others and may not be available when requested.

We ask that you please have a secondary instructor in mind in case the instructor you requested is not available.

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