Kim Reiss

Kim began to swim at an early age and found a love for the water early in life.  Born and raised on Long Island, Kim spent her summers with her family at the beaches on Fire Island and her grandmother’s house in San Diego.  She began to swim as a toddler under Vicki’s instruction and was soon swimming all around the pool with ease.

As Kim grew into her teen years, she turned more to dancing than swimming, but that did not stop her from being an apprentice to Vicki in the summer months.  At the age of 12, Kim began to train with Vicki, learning every technique and trick Vicki had developed over the years. By 16 Kim was very ambitious, buying her first car and getting her driver’s license, and becoming a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. At only 16 years of age, Kim was taking on a full-time work schedule as a Swimming Instructor teaching her own students.

Kim continued to teach during the summers between college semesters. During the fall, winter, and spring, Kim was a part-time student, Dance Teacher, and Nanny while also working part-time in retail. By 21, Kim took her first step in her corporate career by accepting a full-time position as an Assistant Manager.  However, that did not stop her from teaching swimming lessons in the summertime on her days off and then throughout the next 6 years, Kim worked her way up in her corporate job taking on different positions until landing what would be her final position as an Account Executive before leaving to pursue her dream of running Art of Swimming with her mom, Vicki.

In 2015, Kim left her 10-year career to teach swimming lessons full-time and grow Art of Swimming into a booming summer business. As of this year 2023, Kim will be entering her 19th summer of teaching swimming lesson.

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