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If you can answer yes to the following questions about the swimming test, you will pass this portion of the lifeguard certification requirements.

You must be able to swim for 300 yards without stopping using the following 3 strokes  with the proper form. You will need only to swim 50 yards if renewing your Shallow Water Lifeguard certification.

Front crawl (freestyle) 100 yards
Breaststroke 100 yards
Either the front crawl or the breaststroke for the last 100 yards


Brick Test

You must retrieve a 10 pound rubber brick from water at least 7 feet deep off the bottom of the pool and swim continuously for 25 yards carrying the brick. It needs to be done within a 1 minute, 40 seconds time frame. You must swim continuously for 20 yards using either the freestyle or the breaststroke. Then you need to do a surface dive to pick up a 10 lb rubber brick 7-10 ft. deep.  As soon as you pick up the brick, you must swim back to where you started and then get out of the pool without using steps or a ladder.


If you do not think that you cannot do the pre- qualification test, sign up for our class that will teach you how to pass the test!





Pre-Certification Course



This course will teach you how to do the brick test so you can get into the lifeguarding course. It will also help you to improve your necessary strokes so you can successfully complete the distance portion of the pre-test      3 hours

Location: 1243 Divi St., San Francisco, CA 92421

Telephone: (435) 123-3566


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm

Lifeguarding Course



Topics include:



Legal considerations

Being part of a team

Facility safety

Patron surveillance and injury prevention Management and facility safety

Effective surveillance

Injury prevention

Emergency Action Plans


Rescue Skills




Active victim rescues

Passive victim rescues

Submerged victim rescues

Head, neck, and spinal injury rescues


CPR/AED/First Aid: Adults, infants, children


Primary assessment

Recognizing and caring for breathing emergencies

Giving ventilation

BVM ( Bag valve mask resuscitator)

Obstructed airway

Cardiac arrest CPR, both 1 and 2 rescuer adult and child

Using an AED


First Aid

Secondary assessment

Sudden illnesses

First aid scenarios

Caring for head, neck, and spinal

Final practical exams

Final written exams



Divi’s Mission & Vision

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