Private Junior Lifeguarding

Junior lifeguarding is a great way to teach a young teen responsibility while having fun!  They will learn all the basics of what it takes to be an awesome lifeguard and will be ready to start the lifeguarding program when they turn 15!

Junior lifeguarding is a course designed for 11 to 14 year olds to learn the basics of being a future lifeguard. The course will teach the fundamentals of being a lifeguard, water safety, rescues, CPR, AED, and first aid. It is a great way for a young, strong swimmer to transition into more advanced aquatics and knowing how to help themselves, their friends, and their families. The course is 31 hours long and is taught in 1-2 hour segments. There are videos that need to be watched before each class portion.

Swim Test:

Participants must be –

11-14 years old

Able to swim at least 100 yards

Able to dive to a depth of 10 feet

Able to swim 10 feet underwater

Able to tread water for one minute.

Upon completion of the Junior Lifeguarding course by the American Red Cross, you will receive an email congratulating you along with your digital certificates. You will get 3 certificates:

  • Junior Lifeguarding certificate ¬†(valid for 2 years)

  • CPR certificate (valid for 2 years)

  • First aid certificate (valid for 2 years)

The Junior Lifeguarding course will teach you the skills, the professionalism, the determination, and the stamina that is required to be a future lifeguard.

Topics Include:

  • Causes and Prevention of Drowning
  • Recognizing Emergencies
  • Reaching and Throwing Assists
  • Entries and Approaches
  • Sizing the Scene
  • Primary Assessment
  • Simple Assists
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Submerged Victims in Shallow Water
  • Adult CPR/AED 1 rescuer
  • Obstructed Airway
  • First Aid
  • Head, Neck, and Spinal Injuries in the Water
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